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The Mill Foundation for Kids, Inc. is a community-based, 501(c)3 organization that was formed in Southington, CT. in December 2006. The committee members who formed the charity all live on a street called Old Cider Mill Road, which we affectionately refer to as "The Mill". Accordingly, the name The Mill Foundation For Kids, Inc. was agreed upon and our efforts were underway!!

For four straight years, neighbors in this tight community would gather on a Saturday morning in early December to enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride with each other and a very special guest ... Santa Claus himself! All who joined the festivities would also bring toy donations that would be distributed to various charities. After singing Christmas carols on the wagon ride, Santa would talk to the children and give them all a small Christmas present for their kindness.

In December 2006, one of the families on our committee was 5 months into every parent's worst nightmare ... their 5 year old daughter was undergoing treatment for brain cancer. They approached another family in the neighborhood who had their own first-hand knowledge of cancer in one of their kids and together, they agreed to turn the annual horse ride/toy collection event into a permanent charitable effort to help children of all ages, races and religion who are dealing with these horrific pediatric illnesses.

Now our mission is clear - to do what we can to bring a smile to these children's faces, if even for a fleeting moment. How do we do this? We raise money to buy toys, arts & crafts, video games and other gifts that these kids need during their hospital stays or at home. These illnesses do not take days off and these brave kids need every positive moment that they can get.

Through the Mill Foundation For Kids, Inc. fundraising efforts, we buy and then donate these toys and other gifts to several pediatric facilities in order to fulfill our mission. We also donate funds to various research efforts whose goals are to eradicate these pediatric diseases. The wonderful institutions to whom we donate tell us all the time how valuable a service this is to them and their patients. And we know first hand how necessary and positive these gifts are to these children. We've seen their smiles time and time again and nothing can ever replace the feeling we get when we see their faces light up! These children are the truest heroes in the world.

We promise to stay true to our mission, but we need your help to continue making a difference. And we are making a difference! If you would like to help, please click here to make a secure donation online. Or you can contact us if you'd like more information on The Mill Foundation For Kids, Inc. (Tax ID 51-0612597)

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